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How to Prepare for Emergency Maintenance for Your Roseville Property








Emergencies are likely to happen at your property at some point, and unless you’re very lucky, they’ll probably happen over a weekend, on a holiday, or late at night. You need to make sure your tenants know exactly who to contact during emergencies, and how they should be reached. Most property management companies have a 24-hour emergency hotline that tenants can call if there’s a sudden flood, a tree crashing through the roof, or some other catastrophe. (more…)

Tips to Maximize ROI on Your Roseville, CA Property








There are many ways to maximize the return you earn on your Roseville investment property. There are two specific ways you can both increase your rental income and your long term gains: proper pricing and tenant retention. Today, we’re explaining why those two elements are so important and how they can help you keep profits high and expenses low. (more…)

Should You Have a Realtor Manage Your Roseville Rental Property?








Realtors do an excellent job of helping you buy and sell homes, and a great real estate agent may have helped you buy the property you now want to rent out. While Realtors can be a resource for a number of things, you want to make sure they are qualified to manage a property before you hand those duties over. In many cases, it’s better to work with a professional property manager who understands the Roseville rental market and how it differs from the sales market. (more…)

What Happens When a Tenant Doesn’t Pay Rent? Roseville Property Management

One of the biggest fears many Roseville landlords face is that their tenants will stop paying rent. This problem illustrates the importance of screening tenants thoroughly. Look for someone with a record of paying rent on time. If you do find yourself in a situation where rent isn’t coming in, follow these steps to resolve the situation and, if necessary, evict your tenant. (more…)

What is the Roseville Property Management Tenant Screening Process?









The tenant screening process is a critical part of Roseville property management. Placing a bad tenant can cost you money and result in damage to your property. It could cost you more than a vacancy, and that’s why it’s important to take your time screening applicants and establishing a consistent set of rental criteria for anyone interested in your home. (more…)

Ways to Find the Best Tenants for Your Roseville Property

You might have an idea in your head about who the ideal tenant is for your property. Maybe you’re hoping for a single professional who works in the tech industry. Or, perhaps you’re hoping to rent to someone who travels a lot and is rarely in the home. Fair housing laws prevent you from picking tenants based on their source of income or lack of children. The ideal tenant is actually someone who pays rent on time, takes good care of your property, and follows the terms of your lease agreement. Your screening process should include a few essential elements. (more…)

Pet Policy – What is It and What Does it Include in Roseville, CA?

Pets are very popular with tenants, and unless you are comfortable limiting your tenant pool dramatically, it’s a good idea to allow pets into your rental home. Many landlords hesitate because they fear the animals will cause property damage. That’s a valid concern, but people often do more damage than their pets. A good pet policy will protect you from any potential damage and also ensure your home gets rented quickly to a high quality tenant. (more…)

How to Choose a Property Management Company in Roseville

Working with the right property management company can make an incredible difference in your success as a landlord and investor. This is an industry that’s changing rapidly and becoming more modern and innovative, so you want to look for a management company that’s able to keep up and provides you with the best service. When you’re looking for a Roseville property management company, consider experience and the professionalism of the team. Then, compare the quality of service you can expect to the fees they charge. (more…)

What Do Roseville Property Managers Do?

Roseville property managers wear a lot of hats. We manage the day to day operations of your investment property by collecting rent, answering questions, and ensuring your tenants are following the terms of your rental agreement. Our most important functions include protecting your property and your financial stability. We do this through understanding the laws, placing the best possible tenants, keeping your finances organized, and responding to maintenance and repair needs. (more…)